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Thursday 2:00 am

Songs In The Night

Music through out the night

Thursday 3:00 am


God has a message for you

Thursday 4:00 am

Christian Living

Concepts and themes for Christian living

Thursday 5:00 am

Songs In The Night

Music through out the night

Thursday 6:00 am

Morning Message

keep your mind in a positive place

Thursday 7:00 am

The Breakfast Show

Wake up to hope as Lynette Allcock shares stories, music, and tools to help you create a happier, healthier life.

Thursday 9:00 am

Bible Answers

A very dynamic 60-minute radio broadcast aired Monday to Saturday where you’ll get accurate, biblical answers to difficult Bible questions.

Thursday 10:00 am


“Giving answers to the questions that you’ve always wanted to ask”

Thursday 11:00 am

Focus on the Family

Family is important is every society. Learn how faith contributes to the growing number of issues that families face in the 21st century.

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