Focus on the Family

Family is important is every society. Learn how faith contributes to the growing number of issues that families face in the 21st century.

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Sunday 1:00 am 1:30 am
Monday 1:00 am 1:30 am
Monday 11:00 am 11:30 am
Monday 9:00 pm 9:30 pm
Tuesday 1:00 am 1:30 am
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Wednesday 1:00 am 1:30 am
Wednesday 11:00 am 11:30 am
Wednesday 9:00 pm 9:30 pm
Thursday 1:00 am 1:30 am
Thursday 11:00 am 11:30 am
Thursday 9:00 pm 9:30 pm
Friday 1:00 am 1:30 am

About Focus on the Family

The Focus on the Family Broadcast provides daily encouragement that helps families thrive each day.


Focus on the Family crew

We are always seeking enthusiastic and talented personnel to join our staff, volunteer and ambassador team. Finally, we believe we are called to this important outreach ministry.

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