Taster Day Highlights

Written by on July 24, 2019

It was an early morning for many who came from all corners of London. They were all heading to the Central London Church for our taster day.

The day would allow all our guests to learn, take part and consequently have the opportunity to be active in the workings of Adventist Radio London.

The director opened with prayer, and a short devotion then went on to a presentation.
Our guests were informed about the mission, vision, audience, and how they can get involved.
Through the group activities, the attendees were able to follow the full process, meet the team and finally hear their work played over the speakers.

Many attendees made friends, shared testimonies and fascinating stories throughout the day. A Most noteworthy point the guests highlighted was the level of craft and contented need.

The candidates left with a better understanding and were likewise excited to start working with us.

Taster day June 2nd

Recording -taster day

















Thank you for the taster radio event. It was a great opportunity to get to know more about your activity.
I very much appreciated the workshops, the team work, not to mention the friendly staff πŸ™‚
I would be happy to join you as a volunteer.
Best regards,
Agnos Herteliu


It was a great pleasure to have had the opportunity to take part in your Taster day.It was well structured, clear, enjoyable and most informative.
Thanks again

Joan Mabb

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