The Inspirational Writing Competition Broadcast Schedule.

Written by on September 12, 2019

“We loved your work and we’re excited to share it with our listeners. Keep using your skills to inspire others!”

– Competition Judges –



It has been our privilege to allow you to showcase your experience, stories and experience in a way that can touch the lives of our listeners.

That is to say, most importantly, we want to say thank you again for participating in our Inspirational Writing Competition.

The presenters, Lynette, Vanesa, Nigel, will be playing your work on their shows- and yes, we are excited too!

In conclusion, Adventist Radio London presents the Inspirational Writing Competition devotional broadcast schedule.






Show September   Author
Drive time Monday 2nd Isabella De-Lisser
OnTheGo Weds 4th Beverley Ntiamoah-Boakye
Breakfast Fri 6th Jenielle Stephenson
Drive time Mon 9th Clare Nsimbi
OnTheGo Weds 11th Adele Beecham
Breakfast Fri 13th Melody KanJe
Drive time Mon 16th Carmen Lupu
OnTheGo Weds 18th Dedani Dlodlo
Breakfast Fri 20th Jane Clamp
Drive time Mon 23rd Clare Nsimbi
OnTheGo Weds 25th Clare Nsimbi
Breakfast Fri 27th Dedani Dlodlo
Drive time Mon 30th Dedani Dlodlo





Show October   Author
OnTheGo Weds 2nd Carmen Lupu
Breakfast Fri 4th Atlanta Quebeq
Drive time Mon 7th Karin Binger
OnTheGo Weds 9th Sanjo Jeffrey
Breakfast Fri 11th Robyn Burke
Drive time 14th Cathy Baker
OnTheGo 16th Janice Charlton
Breakfast 18th Janice Charlton
Drive time 21st Janice Charlton
OnTheGo 23rd Sorraine Hibbert
Breakfast 25th Sorraine Hibbert
Drive time 28th Caroline Lacoma
OnTheGo 30th Oluwadara Dare




Show November   Author
Breakfast Friday 1st Oluwadara Dare
Drive time Monday 4th Oluwadara Dare
OnTheGo Weds 6th Colin Crawford
Breakfast 8th Ella Wolf
Drive time 11th Zuleka Stephenson
OnTheGo 13th Ian Sheehy
Breakfast 15th Val Grossett
Drive time 18th Val Grossett
OnTheGo 20th Aaron Fenton-Hewitt
Breakfast 22nd Milimo Mumbo
Drive time 25th Omari Norman
OnTheGo 27th Anton Torstensson
Breakfast 29th Darell J Philip




Show December   Author
Drive time 2nd Lina Castor
OnTheGo 4th Iona Rock
Breakfast 6th Imaan Wright
Drive time 9th Imaan Wright
OnTheGo 11th Millen Smith
Breakfast 13th Jani Clarke
Drive time 16th Ashley Nsimbi
OnTheGo 18th Rajitha Cruz
Breakfast 20th Darell J Philip
Drive time 23rd Amy Saunders
OnTheGo 25th CHRISTMAS Lina Castor
Breakfast 27th Lina Castor
Drive time 30th Lina Castor


January 2020


Presenter Date   Author
Vanesa 1st   Lina Castor
Lynette 3rd   Lina Castor
Nigel 6th   Lina Castor
Vanesa 8th   Lina Castor
Lynette 10th   Milimo M Mumbo
Nigel 13th   Milimo M Mumbo
Vanesa 15th   Harry Bouchard
Lynette 17th   Elizabeth Roberts
Nigel 20th   Adrian Peck
Vanesa 22nd   Adrian Peck
Lynette 24th   Wayne Erasmus
Nigel 27th   Wayne Erasmus
Vanesa 29th   Wayne Erasmus
Lynette 31st   Yuri Merino




Presenter Date   Author
Nigel 3rd   Ruth Scott
Vanesa 5th   Ruth Scott
Lynette 7th   Julian Thompson
Nigel 10th   Garth Anthony
Vanesa 12th   Garth Anthony
Lynette 14th   Garth Anthony
Nigel 17th   Garth Anthony
Vanesa 19th   Garth Anthony
Lynette 21st   Greg Wilson
Nigel 24th   Greg Wilson
Vanesa 26th   Greg Wilson
Lynette 28th   Greg Wilson

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