Inspirational Writing Competition Results!

Written by on December 17, 2018

“We loved your work and we’re excited to share it with our listeners. Keep using your skills to inspire others!”

– Competition Judges –

Well done to all who took part in Adventist Radio London’s Inspirational Writing Competition. With almost 200 entries to our Inspirational Writing Competition our judges had some difficult decisions to make! Congratulations to Isabella De-Lisser, Clare Nsimbi and Carmen Lupu the winners of our Inspirational Writing Competition and also to our runners up Beverley Ntiamoah-Boakye, Jenielle Stephenson, Adele Beecham, Melody Kanje, Dedani Dlodlo and Jane Clamp! Listen out for the full readings of the shortlisted entries in the new year on Adventist Radio London.



Even if you weren’t a winner or a runner up we would still like to broadcast many of the entries. Each entry that has been chosen to be broadcasted will be awarded with a £10 prize. Please see the list below to see if your entry was chosen to be broadcasted on Adventist Radio London. All those whose entries are on this list will soon be contacted by Adventist Radio London regarding the prize money. Thank you for your patience.

We appreciate the time and effort everyone put into this competition. We hope you enjoyed the creative process, may God continue to inspire you as you get to know Him more!


Isabella De-lisser  Perseverance is the Key
Beverley Ntiamoah-Boakye God will never abandon you!
Jenielle Stephenson  God works in mysterious ways
Clare Nsimbi Pure Gold
Adele Beecham The Most Important Thing
Melody Kanje Faith’s Redemption
Carmen Lupu Speaking Spanish
Dedani Dlodlo Mirror Mirror
Jane Clamp Just one Touch
Claire Nsimbi Letting God drive
Claire Nsimbi Battles
Dedani Dlodlo Love stories
Dedani Dlodlo This is our daily dough
Carmen Lupu Bearing each other’s burdens
Atlanta Quebeq Mustard seed= Faith
Zuleka Stephenson God puts things into place for a reason
Jani Clarke He saved you and me
Val Grossett The battle is not yours
Val Grossett To Everything There is a Season
Aaron Fenton-Hewitt He Understands
Milimo M Mumbo Just Two Things
Omari Norman LOL
Anton Torstensson Silence
Darrell J Philip Who has Made Man’s Mouth
Lina Castor Be of Good Report
Iona Rock Hi Lord, it’s me again…
Imaan Wright Why are you here
Imaan Wright What are you looking for
Millen Smith Thoughts
Ashley Nsimbi In anxiety and despair
Ashley Nsimbi What is truth
Rajitha Cruz The Award Ceremony
Darrell J Philip Who do you say that I am ?
Amy Saunders God’s Purpose in your life
Lina Castor Who dropped You ?
Lina Castor Why the suffering
Lina Castor I will give it to you
Lina Castor Be Vigilant
Lina Castor Counterfeit
Lina Castor Why Worry
Lina Castor Honour a sacrifice
Milimo M Mumbo Forgiveness
Milimo M Mumbo The waiting game
Ruth Scott A Christian Prayer
Ruth Scott Story of the Good Shepherd
Harry Bouchard Broken
Elizabeth Roberts The Wait
Karin Binger Lessons from a pineapple
Sanjo Jeffrey My Steps
Robyn Burke The Faithful Friend
Cathy Baker The Powerful Name of Jesus
Janice Charlton Sin has a price and so often you’ve paid
Janice Charlton Turbulence
Janice Charlton Influence
Sorraine Hibbert My favourite kind of weather
Sorraine Hibbert Lessons from a China Rabbit
Caroline Lacoma Here I am
Oluwadara Dare Your confession is your possession
Oluwadara Dare Are you sitting in a rocking chair
Oluwadara Dare If he did it before, he can do it again
Oluwadara Dare I almost drowned
Yuri Merino Money
Colin Crawford Just a bracelet ?
Ella Wolf Reflections on Dinner
Cherry Hallasgo Our life story
Ian Sheehy What is Truth?


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