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Our mission is to share the hope of Jesus to London and beyond, inspiring our listeners to pursue a deeper relationship with God.
We share this hope through our programmesevents and blog.
Adventist Radio London envisions being able to reach and transform the lives of even more people. However, and most importantly, we can’t achieve our full potential without your help and funding.
The additional funding will go towards keeping Adventist Radio London on-air. This will enable us to stream all the stories and content that give hope and strengthen your faith.
Our purpose is to change the lives of a generation and inspire hope in this decade, and we have just begun.
Support this ministry in any way you can today.

The listeners’ feedback shared below affirms the value of our ministry:

“Thank you. I am not a member of the Adventist (church) I am blessed by your station.”

“Team, thank you for an encouraging week of teachings on how to find peace in the wake of tough times.”

“I stumbled across your radio station, and now I’m hooked and I believe that God has led me to you.”

There are numerous way to give to Adventist Radio London:

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