Craige Young

I am a devoted husband and father and active member of Brixton SDA church.  I have served the church in a number of departments over the years including education, communication, AV, youth, religions liberty and personal ministries. I am also a lay preacher and enjoy presenting the word of God in simple ways to children and adults particularly to help them discover ways to deliver God’s word in a more dynamic and child friendly way. I was Children’s Ministries leader at my church for 7 years from 2012- 2018 during which time I led a team that was able to transform the department focusing on child friendly activities, creating various custom materials using music, video and other media, implementing initiatives such as Picture Preachers and other similar ideas that integrated children into all aspects of the church services. I have been running Vacation Bible School (VBS) or Holiday Bible Club programmes at churches in South London for the last 10 years and have witnessed the positive effects of such programmes on both the children and adult volunteers. I also offer VBS training to churches and groups wishing to  establish their own VBS or similar programme. I am a Primary School teacher with over 20 years experience, having been part of Senior Leadership Teams and as Assistant and Deputy Head. I am the Founder and Director of BrixKidz which initially started as an adjunct to the Children’s Ministries which I was leading at the time, but has since developed and is now an independent company that focusses on creating and running events for children both in the church and in the community, as well as providing resources and training for VBS and other similar initiatives. I am passionate about children, children’s ministries and working to inspire, enrich and equip children to develop growth mindsets, positive attitudes and reach their full potential and I look forward to working with ARL to continue this work. You can find out more about Brixkidz by visiting our website and our social media and YouTube pages

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