Nativity Drama (coming soon)

Written by on December 3, 2019

The Nativity Story

The drama is set to be an adapted version of the Nativity in a 21st-century setting.

After a quick technical set-up, we all had a run-through of each scene before we finally recorded them. We started recording in the morning when we were all fresh and energetic and finished by about 6 pm.

The drama was recorded all at once with all the actors together in a “family style” so the actors were able to interact with each other as opposed to each actor doing the recording by themselves in the booth.
We had to do multiple takes of each scene most of the time, to get the best sound, this can be time-consuming and sometimes frustrating, but everyone seemed to work well together.
After a long day putting our best into this performance, we hope that all the listeners would be able to receive the key messages presented here.

Going over scripts

The entire drama was successfully recorded, we made use of a small chamber in the Advent Centre, and lunch was supplied by radio P.A Lorraine Cudjoe.

The drama was written and directed by Mark Grey and featured the vocal talents of Janine Murrell, Joe Quartson, Caroline King-Gadekah, Lloyd Reid, Ellen-Gayle Harewood, Greg David Monga, Misie Goode and, Josh Anderson-Grey!

The play will be aired on Adventist Radio London during the festive season, and we want to thank all those involved in making this possible.
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