The Breakfast Book Club Begins

Written by on January 10, 2019

If you love books, then join in the discussion on our new blog — the Breakfast Book Club! Each Thursday, Lynette will be reading from a selected book during her show and then sharing some of the the chapter’s best quotes and her reflections on the blog. For the next few weeks, Lynette will be exploring the life of Jesus through the book The Messiah by Jerry D Thomas. 

Who is Jesus and what is he really like? You may know almost nothing about him or be pretty sure of your answers. Some people think that Jesus was just a really nice guy, or that he was a great teacher.Some people see him a sombre man with no sense of humour, or as a rebel. People around the world have been impacted by his story, whether or not they believe in him as anything more than an inspirational figure.

Millions of lives have been changed through an encounter with Jesus and his teachings. Some have even died for him. So who is he?

Whatever your background and beliefs, see Jesus with fresh eyes as we explore the story together.

Follow along on the Breakfast Show, every Thursday after 8am, and share your thoughts and reactions on the Breakfast Book Club blog.


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